About Us

Warmhaus is established in 1996 as a subsidiary of Beyçelik Holding, which also has branches in automotive, energy, tourism and insurance fields and provides employment opportunities for almost 4,000 people in the mentioned fields.
Warmhaus is in the top five firms in Turkey with its production capacity in heating industry. Company produces radiators in its plant of 27,500 sqm and boilers in its plant of 8,000 sqm in Bursa Nilufer organized Industry Zone.

Warmhaus is progressing with the sustainable growth target since its foundation and provides panel radiator, towel warmer and combi boiler produced to the consumer. The brand having the capacity to produce 2,700,000 linear meters of panel radiator and 150,000 units of boilers, exports its internationally certified products to 32 countries. Warmhaus realized its last investment in combi boiler production and entered to English market via the warehouse area of 3,000 m2 it purchased in the UK.

Warmhaus, transferring its experience and technical knowledge to the combi boiler section, provides the customers to be heated with saving without compromising the quality. Warmhaus moves ahead in the market to become the leader in the industry thanks to the value added it brings and its extensive experience. While being the address of esthetic, economic and environmentalist products, Warmhaus solves the heating needs of the users through wide service and sales network.



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